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Contech Successfully Completes UKHSA IDSR Cascade Trainings in 18 Districts of Punjab 


The partnership between UKHSA, Contech International, DGHS Punjab, and NIH Islamabad underscores the commitment to health security and the well-being of Punjab's population. By expanding IDSR trainings, the healthcare system will become more resilient, capable of mitigating the impact of infectious diseases and protecting the communities it serves. 


During the initial phase (Jan-Mar 2023), Contech International successfully completed cascade trainings in 18 districts of Punjab. Over 1,517 healthcare providers participated in 55 sessions, receiving training on priority diseases, outbreak investigations, sampling, PPE usage, infection control, risk assessment, risk communication, and strategic leadership in the IDSR network. 


Building on this success, UKHSA and Contech International are now entering phase 2 of the IDSR trainings. The remaining 18 districts in Punjab will be covered by September 2023, contributing to a comprehensive network of reporting healthcare facilities. 


Through this collaboration, healthcare providers, district managers, and facility-level staff will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to strengthen disease surveillance, outbreak response, and collaboration within the IDSR network. 


As UKHSA and Contech International continue their collaborative efforts, IDSR trainings in Punjab will pave the way for a stronger healthcare infrastructure, ensuring the timely detection, reporting, and response to disease outbreaks. This initiative is vital in safeguarding public health and enhancing the overall well-being of Punjab's communities.