Training of Traditional Birth Attendants on Rahnuma Kitabcha

Client: Contech Int’l and Zahanat Foundation

Contech project image

Contech International in collaboration with Zahanat Foundation introduced the advocacy and capacity building initiative of Traditional Birth Attendants as TBAs are a reality and improving their skills can considerably affect maternal and infant morbidity/mortality. Hands on trainings were provided to TBAs as a part of the research program, through especially designed training material. TBA training was focused on essentials of safe motherhood, newborn care, recognition of danger signs as well as ensuring delivery and post-delivery care of women by a birth attendant. Rahnuma Kitabcha, a set of training booklets in two parts was developed by Contech team. Part 1 contains detailed description in simple Urdu language while part 2 consists of pictorial lessons. The booklets were complemented by poster size flip charts for class room training sessions. Complete set of Rehnuma Kitabcha was used for training and advocacy of TBAs on safe motherhood and delivery practices. A total of 1500 TBAs were trained within district Kasur and successfully improved their practices towards safe motherhood, newborn care and clean delivery practices.