Strengthening Vaccination centres through IHSS-SD

Client: USAID/ JSI

Partner:Contech Project Client
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The IHSS-SD Activity plans to establish additional COVID Vaccination Centers (CVCs) in remote districts of KP and Sindh provinces, to complement the government's efforts to increase the number of static vaccine sites in 25 districts. In each district, one district headquarter hospital, one tehsil hospital, and one rural health center will be selected for strengthening/establishing a vaccination center. The project aims to increase COVID-19 vaccination coverage through the establishment of static vaccination centers, outreach vaccination, and demand creation. JSI will be the lead partner in the implementation of outreach and demand creation components. The support will include training of health facility vaccinator and Data Entry Operator, refurbishment of selected 75 sites, display and distribution of COVID-19 SOPs and vaccine information, and coordination with JSI, local NGOs/CBOs, and DHO offices.