ROSHNI-Service Delivery Project for FSWs in Lahore West

Client: Punjab AIDS Control Program, Government of Punjab

Contech project image

Contech International completed a project funded by Punjab AIDS Control Program to provide a package of services for primary health care, management of sexually transmitted infections, education in sexual health, and behavior change communication for female sex workers (FSWs) in Lahore. Two Drop in Special Health Centres were established, and activities included identifying and registering 95,000 FSWs, conducting FGDs, providing primary health care services, management of STIs, provision of free medicine, promotion and distribution of condoms, using IPC for counseling and empowering FSWs, VCCT services, training of local health care providers, developing MIS system and BCC material, and promoting empowerment activities among FSWs. BCC materials such as posters, VCT/help line cards, play cards with HIV information, boxes of condoms with printed messages, visual aid, and pictorial booklet were developed for advocacy and communication.