Punjab Devolved Social Services Program (PDSSP)

Client: ADB / Govt. of the Punjab

Partner:Contech Project Client
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Contech managed technical assistance (TA) for the Punjab Devolved Social Services Programme, following the Asian Development Bank's (ADB) guidelines for procurement of TA. The consultants carried out several studies, including developing minimum service delivery standards, standardized medical protocols, and standard operating procedures; restructuring the Punjab Health Foundation; conducting a medico-legal study; developing job descriptions and evaluation criteria for medical and paramedical staff; developing an urban catchment hospital model; restructuring the paramedic service cadre in Punjab; developing an ECCD nutritional model for Punjab; devising a system for referral of medical cases at the devolved health care level; and strengthening capacity for health sector planning at the district government level. Additionally, Contech provided technical assistance for the Punjab Millennium Development Goals and Access to Justice Program as a national financial specialist.