Health Research Station at Village Ram Thaman

Client: Zahanat Foundation

Contech project image

Contech is providing continuous technical assistance to Zahanat foundation in implementing various health initiatives in the health research station at Village Ram Thaman, UC Matta, district Kasur. Health research station is a community-oriented model that revolves around training, teaching, research, and post-graduate student experience. The life cycle approach to community health in a rural area is a new initiative of Contech that includes several programs, such as Community Emergency Ambulance Service (CEAS), Toys for Development (TFD) Program, Tawana Ghar Program, Madrassa Reform Program, Destitute Support program, Mother and Neonates Child health (MNCH), Sehat Sahulat Clinic-Basic+, Mobile Health Unit (Sehat Sahulat Clinic Basic+), School Health & Screening Program, and Zahanat Training Institute (ZTI). Each program has its unique objective, but they all focus on improving the health status of the local community by providing them access to quality health services, education, and skills development opportunities.