Contech International technical experts

Dr Muhammad Wasim Mirza

Senior Public Health Consultant

Areas of Work

Systems Strengthening, Research & Evaluations, Capacity Building and Hospital Services.


Dr. Muhammad Wasim Mirza is a graduate of King Edward Medical College. After pursuing a clinical career in General Surgery for 22 years he embraced Public Health in 2008. He holds postgraduate qualifications in both the fields. He has been associated with Contech International since 2008 and has ever since provided valuable contributions in number of diverse assignments. These included, health system strengthening, monitoring and evaluations, service delivery management, operations research, capacity building of managers and care providers, development of operating manuals, improvement of quality assurance and quality control standards and their implementation mechanisms for primary and secondary healthcare. He has also worked as Senior Public Health Consultant for Health Systems Strengthening Component of USAID’s MCH Program and for Integrated Health Systems Strengthening and Service Delivery (IHSS-SD) Program.