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Abdul Hamid

Senior Statistician

Areas of Work

Research & Evaluations.


Mr. Abdul Hamid is a senior Statistician and Analyst. He started his carrier as Statistical Assistant in World Bank Second Family Health Project Punjab in 1993. In 1996, he joined Asian Development Bank Health Care Development Project Punjab as a Computer Assistant, where he worked for three years. He also served as Support IT in 1999, in Health Sector Reform Unit Punjab, which was funded by DFID UK. He joined Contech in April 2002 and has been working as Senior Bio-statistician and Analyst for many years. His in-depth experience and analytical skills provided him ample opportunities to manage various public health assignments single-handedly as Statistician/Bio-Statistician, due to his enrich experience and methodical approach. He is also heading the Statistical department within Contech. He is providing assistance in statistical analysis and presentations to various ongoing assignments.